Connected Breathwork

“If you are not breathing fully, you cannot live fully.”Osho

Connected Breathwork

A life changing experience!

Are you stuck in life? Feeling stressed, restless, hurried and/ or exhausted? Did you try everything but are you still circling in those same old patterns? Or are you just curious what else is ‘out there’ deep inside yourself?

Dare to feel what lives inside of you and release old beliefs. Become the conscious creator of your new, healthy and fulfilling reality! Become the best version of yourself!

How? By using your own breath as a powerful tool to heal yourself. Your breath, something which is always present, gives you great insights! If you only know how to use it in a safe way you can release blockages which are in the way of living happily from the inside-out. You can actually enter altered states of consciousness. At Studio Liefde I offer individual Connected Breathwork sessions and group workshops (in cooperation with Peace of Mind).

Breathwork can leave an imprint in your system. Helping you to find ease, self-compassion and comfort.

Guided by two highly motivated and well trained guides in bio-energetic treatment, Gestalt methodology, Sensi therapy, Tibetan healing yoga (Lu Jong) and massage therapy Dylan & me create a safe and homely environment for you to work in.

On my own way to becoming more ‘me’ I tried everything to feel self-compassion and battle through my own pain. I went to therapy, followed an energetic treatment course, a massage therapy course, even a 4-year Gestalt Therapy Training (almost finished!) and went to an Ayahuasca retreat. And right there I was introduced to this connected breathing technique. Immediately I was a fan! And it gave me so much more then only insight into to the sad stuff. It also showed me how to stand in my own light. And how that hurt at first! Now I really enjoy it and live life to its fullest, whether happy or sad!

Various events in my life have leaded me to the path I am walking today. And trust me, this wasn’t easy but yet necessary to overcome my old beliefs and fears and to become ‘me’ again. With the help of various forms of therapy, coaching, meditation, yoga, breath work, (self)healing and more, I have gained a whole new prospective of work, health and life itself. After quitting my Financial job, I now have my own practice, focused on reconnecting with your true self. By freeing our inner blockages and restoring our physical body, we rediscover who we really are. Mental and physical complaints reduce and / or disappear, the more we live from out our powerful authentic essence.

Workshop Connected Breathwork

24 March 2018
10.00 – 14.00 hrs
Ernest Hemmingwaypark 51, The Hague

Price: € 75,- (inlcuding tea, lunch & guiding)

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